Group Exhibition
Warren Anderson, Ellen Berman, Enrique Canales, James Drake, John Ellery, Gaspar Enriquez, Estelle Goldman, Becky Hendrick, Yuji Hiratsuka, Frank Hunter, Anna Jaquez, Luis Jiménez, Adrian Rocha, Joshua Rose, John Stovall, Luanne Stovall, Bob Wade, Lyuba Titovets, Aleksander Titovets


Children of the Apple Tree: Work by Mary McCleary

Threads: Recent Work by Pamela Nelson

Imprints-Mementos: Mixed Media Works by Lydia Bodnar-Balahutrak


Sunshine from Darkness

Drawings by Whitney Womack


Manuel Acosta, Pintor de la Frontera
First showing and sale of work from the Acosta Estate since the artist’s death

Tom Lea Drawings and Paintings 1930-1980

16 Artists from Chihuahua, Mexico
Enrique Amaya, Laura Murillo, Soledad Lechuga, Alberto Carlos, Arturo Rodriguez,Mario Arroyo, Hector Jaramillo, Eugenio Flores, Jóse Lucero, Rocio Saenz, Luis Urias, Raúl Hernandez, Bertha Rivas, Mauricio Mora, Jorge Vásquez, Carlos Ruiz. Curated by Celeste Hudgens


Ordinarily Sacred: New Paintings by Jacklyn St. Aubyn

Group Exhibition
Annabel Livermore, Sallie Ritter, Susan Davidoff, Bruce Berman, Celia Muñoz, Pat Kikut


Lexicon: Paintings by Lynda Lowe and Georgiana Nehl

Group Exhibition
Lydia Bodnar Balahutrak, Ellen Berman, James Drake, Charles Mary Kubricht, Joshua Rose, John Torreano, Tim Lowly, Fidencio Duran, David Everett


Group Exhibition
Lloyd Brown, David Bailin, Manuel Acosta, Luis Jiménez, Jacklyn St. Aubyn, Tom Lea, Donald Judd


James Magee: Recent Work

Connie Goldman

Shadow Plays
Luanne Stovall


Man and Nature: Paintings by Aaron Karp and Jane Abrams

Paintings and Wood Sculptures by David Everett

Anna Jaquez: Recent Works

Prophets, Parables, Paradoxes: Recent Work by David Bailin