Acquisition of Tom Lea painting Southwest, by the Smithsonian American Art Museum


West Texas Landscapes
Katherine Alexander

Second Nature: Metalsmiths Inspired by the Patterns and Forms of Nature


Susan Schwalb Paintings
Held in conjunction with IMPACT, Programs of Excellence

Group Exhibition
Ellen Berman, Charles Mary Kubricht, Mary McCleary, Billy Hassell, Sallie Ritter, Luis Jiménez, Manuel Acosta, Frank Hunter, Tom Lea


Agustin Vargas

Group Exhibition
Linda Lowe, Vincent Burke, Brenda Kingery


Icons of the Southwest
Paintings by Michael Steirnagle

James Drake: The Hummingbird’s Equation

Eye of the Beholder
Luanne Stovall

La Virgen de Guadalupe, Movimiento en la Nueva Epoca
A photodocumentary by Diana Molina


Group Exhibition
Jane Abrams, Aaron Karp, Anna Jaquez, Manuel Acosta, Tom Lea, Katherine Alexander, Agustin Vargas, Veronica Leiton, Bruce Berman


Annabel Livermore

Landscapes by David Rothermel


Frames of Reference
Paintings by Jacklyn St. Aubyn

Drawings and Prints by Susan Davidoff

Big Bend Pictures
James Evans

Juarez, Mexico and Roma, Texas
Photos by Joel Salcido / Italy, A Joy Expressed: Small Paintings by Susan Amstater / Ceramics by Estelle Goldman