Sculpture by Margarita Cabrera

New Paintings by New York artist Greg Kessler

Hanging in Balance: Forty-two Contemporary Necklaces
Maru Almeida, Mexico; Jan Baum U.S.; Iris Boedemer, Germany; Cynthia Cousens, U.K.; Bettina Dittlmann, Germany; Helen Dorion, U.S.; Sandra Enterline, U.S.; Nora Fok, U.K.; Maria Hanson, U.K.; Dorothy Hogg, U.K.; Svenja John, Germany; Maria Phillips, U.S.; Anika Smulovitz, U.S.; Andrea Wipperman, Germany

Sculptural jewelry by Rachelle Thiewes


Icons of the Southwest: The People
Michael Steirnagle

The Living End
Sandi Casillas

Mata Ortiz Pottery
Abraham and Luis Armando Rodriguez Mora, Chihuahua, Mexico


Dedication of Tom Lea cenotaph in the Texas State Cemetery, Austin, Texas


Group Exhibition
Tom Lea, Freemont Ellis, Luis Jiménez, James Drake, José Cisneros, Manuel Acosta, Nick Munoz, Adrian Esparza, Michael Steirnagle, Charles Mary Kubricht, Anna Jaquez, Billy Keen, Pamela Nelson, Agustin Vargas

20th Anniversary Sculpture Exhibition
Jesús M oroles, Robyn Horn
Ray Nasher speaks on the Nasher Sculpture Center as part of Adair Margo Gallery’s 20th Anniversary celebration