New paintings by
Annabel Livermore

Friday, October 2, 2009
11 a.m.–1 p.m.

On view through November 13

The Martin Building | 215 N. Stanton | 6th floor
Corner of Stanton and Mills, parking on northeast corner

Annabel Livermore is a semi-legendary Southwestern artist who has progressed in 25 years from painting impressionistic floral watercolors to episodes that may or may not be imaginary.

John T. Spike, Art and Antiques’ Florence, Italy, correspondent and Director of the Florence International Biennial of Contemporary Art

This artist from El Paso plies her craft with a technique and passion reminiscent of the tortured Vincent Van Gogh.

Patricia C. Johnson, author of Contemporary Texas Art and art critic, Houston, Texas

Livermore’s real identity is a mystery. She is rumored to be the alter ego to El Paso sculptor Jim Magee, who makes large-scale, heroic public sculpture. But Livermore’s paintings are extremely intimate, closer to what you would expect from a proper Midwestern lady with a fondness for late 19th-century English literature.

San Antonio Express News

Annabel says she began painting “out of despair” and that a priest nudged her out of depression by advising her “to look at God’s handiwork in order to better appreciate the wonder of the world.”

Shaila Dewan, Texas Monthly